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Born out of a love for music and frustration with the inconsistencies of vintage effects, 

Michael Fuller founded Fulltone with a passion to change the face of the guitar effects industry. He draws from his experience as a session guitarist, composer, performer, and electronics expert to design killer effects that deliver amazing tone. Fulltone effects often draw inspiration from vintage classics, but enhance those tones with top notch components to achieve new heights of analog bliss. Michael and his team of about 20 employees are obsessive about quality and it shows in their rugged line of road worthy pedals.

So how does Fulltone produce higher quality and longer-lasting effects pedals? It all starts with each pedal being hand built and rigorously tested in their California shop. They use only the best components, even creating their own, to ensure that you get a premium product. Their Fulltone 3PDT Super-Duty Triple Pole Double Throw footswitch offers high performance true bypass switching to last a lifetime. Their custom wire is durable and won't kill your tone. Fulltone's custom potentiometers remain clean and smooth when others fail. All this adds up to stomp boxes that you can count on night after night, year after year. 

Fulltone pedals have become a vital commodity for many every day musicians and rock stars alike including Robin Trower, Keith Urban, Eric Johnson, Tom Petty, Joe Satriani, and Kirk Hammett just to name a few. Some of their massively successful and groundbreaking pedals are the Fulltone OCD, Full-Drive 2, '69 MKII, Clyde Wah, and the Secret Freq. Geartree.com is proud to offer a wide array of Fulltone effects. It is well worth it to fill your rig with high quality gear that is going to last for many years and no other brand does quality like Fulltone!

Geartree's Favorite Fulltone Effects Pedals

Here's a quick look at 5 of our favorite effects pedals from Fulltone!

 Questions & Tips

Q: Do Fulltone pedals come with a power supply?
No, Fulltone pedals do not include a power supply.
Q: What power supply do I use with my Fulltone pedal?

Any 9V DC Center Negative power supply with a 200mA rating or above will work.

Q: What makes Fulltone a boutique effects company?

Fulltone pedals are handmade in relatively small quantities by Mike Fuller himself and around 20 employees. There is no automation in their build process and no robots are used in the making of these fine pedals. 

5 Year Warranty

Fulltone offers a 5 year warranty on all of their pedals. They now require you to upload a video clearly demonstrating the issue you are experiencing with your Fulltone product BEFORE they discuss or accept item for repair. NO EXCEPTIONS! You can use your smartphone, a video-capable digital camera, or a video camera. If you do not have this capability, ask your child or a friend. After they have viewed your video, you will be contacted by their tech for troubleshooting and eventually issued a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) if the tech deems it necessary. For a full list of warranty procedures visit: https://www.fulltone.com/contact/fulltone-repair-process

Approximate Pedal Sizes

Mini Pedal Size (2B, Echo Cancel Footswitch, etc.): H 2.1" x W 2.3" x D 4.5"

Standard Pedal Size (OCD, Octafuzz, PlimSoul, etc.): H 2.1" x W 2.5" x D 4.5"

Large Pedal Size (Full-Drive, DejaVibe, etc.): H 2.6" x W 5.75" x D 4"

Wah Pedal Size (Clyde Standard, Clyde Deluxe, etc.): H 3" x W 3.5" x D 10"