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Kala Ukuleles and U-Bass

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Nestled in Sonoma wine country,

Kala was founded in 2005 with a mission to develop and build exceptional ukuleles for players of all skill levels and budgets. Surrounded by an eclectic blend of farms, tech firms, breweries, and art houses, Kala is well positioned to create distinctive instruments that suit people of all walks of life. 

Kala's unique take on the ukulele goes beyond standard Hawaiian-style uke designs. The Kala U-Bass is one such ground-breaking creation. The first short scale ukulele bass of its kind, the U-Bass turned the bass world on its head with it's rich tone and easy portability. The U-Bass inspired many bass players that wouldn't have normally considered playing an instrument in the ukulele family.

The Kala Waterman Ukulele is another genius creation of Kala. This ukulele is completely waterproof, allowing uke lovers to take the fun anywhere without worry. It can even be played underwater! That's right, many videos have been created with people playing the Waterman in swimming pools and it also comes out totally unscathed!

Whether you're new the ukulele world or a seasoned professional, Kala has the perfect instrument for you. At Geartree.com we stock a variety of Kala body sizes including Soprano, Concert, Tenor, and Baritone models. We also have Kala ukuleles with built-in electronics for the live performer who wants to take their music to the stage. So go ahead, get a Kala and have some fun!

Kala Brand Ukulele Showcase

Here's a quick look at a couple of our favorite Kala ukuleles and the good vibes that they evoke! These ukes fit in perfectly on the beautiful sandy beaches of Lake Michigan!

 Questions & Tips

Q: What uke should I buy?

This is a difficult question to answer. Before purchasing an instrument it is best to first establish your budget. Kala Brand Ukulele sells instruments at many price points with features appealing to players of all experience levels. The first question to consider is whether you want a soprano, concert, tenor, or baritone ukulele. These four size differences will affect your overall sound more than any other factor. We recommend visiting one of our dealers and playing several ukuleles in your price range. Bring a friend whose opinion you trust and have him or her listen to the instrument as you play. Take notes of what you like or dislike about the sound and playability of a specific model. Ask yourself whether you need electronics pre-installed for live or recording purposes. Do you want a cutaway for greater access to the upper frets? Do you want an instrument made from all solid wood or one that uses laminate construction? Is figured wood high on your list of specifications? Take your time making your purchase and consult your local dealer if you arent sure of which uke to get.

Q: How is the U-Bass Tuned?

The 4 string U-Bass is tuned like a standard electric bass guitar (E-A-D-G). The 5 string U-Bass is tuned B-E-A-D-G.

Q: How long will it take for my ukulele strings to stretch?

Brand new strings can take about a week to settle in on any Ukulele after installation or straight from the factory. Youll want to tune your instrument a couple times a day, and also stretch the strings to help them settle in.

Q: Do you recommend tuning the ukulele up a whole step?

We have heard of players tuning their instruments up a whole step (A-D-F#-B or E-A-C#-F# for baritone) or higher. While this may work for a soprano ukulele, we do not recommend it for our ukuleles. This tuning puts an incredible amount of stress on the ukulele bridge, top, and neck as well as the strings. Any damage that may occur from doing this would not be covered under warranty.

Q: My instrument is making a buzzing sound when I play. What should I do?

Diagnosing the cause of a buzzing instrument can be very challenging. Before attempting any repair or modification on your instrument, please have an experienced repair technician examine it first. He or she will be able to fix it surprisingly fast or direct you to someone who can. 

1 Year Warranty

Kala Brand Music Co. warrants solely to the original purchaser that the instrument purchased shall be free from defects in workmanship and materials and shall function for a period of one (1) year from the date of purchase. American made models are warranted for a period of two (2) years from the date of purchase. Kala Brand Music Co. reserves the right to determine upon inspection if the warranty claim is valid or not.

This Limited Warranty is valid to the original purchaser only and is non-transferable. 
The instrument must have been purchased at an Authorized Kala Brand Dealer.

Keep your original sales receipt. It is required to make a valid warranty claim.

Any modiļ¬cation to the instrument will void the warranty.

Unsolicited returns to Kala Brand Music Co. or any of its authorized dealers will not be accepted.

Scale Length

Soprano Scale Length: 13.625 inches

Concert Scale Length: 14.875 inches

Tenor Scale Length: 17 inches

Baritone Scale Length: 20.25 inches