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A Pioneer in Guitar Innovation,

Seagull offers great sounding, high quality guitars at extremely competitive prices. These guitars are a top value and the kings of the $300-$500 price range. One strum and you will be in love. Their solid wood tops, quality hardware, and innovative design all add up to instruments that are inspiring to play and stunning to look at. recommends these guitars to anyone searching for a great acoustic guitar that holds it's own with much more expensive alternatives.

Seagull was founded in 1982 on the belief that guitars made with high quality components and carefully selected woods sound and perform better. They utilize sustainably sourced Canadian wood to craft instruments at a price that almost any musician can afford. What is even more impressive about Seagull is that they achieve all of this while manufacturing their guitars from start to finish in North America. Their headquarters in LaPatrie, Quebec employs nearly half of the town as guitar luthiers. Their artisans take a great deal of pride in using local tone woods to craft fine instruments that resonate with a rich open tone that is uniquely Seagull. Combining a passion for amazing sounding guitars and a strong conscience for the environment has been a successful recipe for the growth the business and the quality of their instruments.

The popularity of Seagull continues to grow every year due to the overwhelming success of models like the S6 Original and Entourage Rustic. Guitarists around the world are starting to realize that Seagull guitars sound startlingly good compared to the competition. We have worked closely with Seagull for many years to stock a wide selection of fine acoustic guitars for any player or budget. Pick one up today and find out why Seagull is one of the most highly-recommended guitar lines in our catalog.

Geartree's Favorite Seagull Instruments

Here's a quick look at 4 of our favorite instruments from Seagull!

 Questions & Tips

Q: How are Seagull Merlins tuned?
Q: Do I have to do anything before playing my guitar when it arrives?
We recommend leaving the guitar in its case or box for 1-2 days after delivery takes place to allow the wood to acclimate to your environment. During dry months it is very important to store the guitar with a humidifier in a case when not in use. This will prevent the wood from drying out and cracking.
Q: What is the difference between Cedar and Spruce?

Cedar tends to produce a warmer sound and ages faster than spruce. Spruce is brighter and ages more over a longer period of time. Visually, cedar is darker in color with a fairly tight grain pattern. Spruce tends to be very blond with a slightly wider grain pattern.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

The Seagull Limited Warranty covers your guitar against defects in material and workmanship for as long as you own the guitar, subject to the limitations set forth in Seagull's warranty terms. If service is required. the guitar must be returned with proof of purchase to the original, authorized Seagull dealer. The dealer will evaluate the guitar to determine whether the guitar can be serviced locally or should be returned to Seagull. Work performed by unauthorized persons will void your warranty. Factory installed electronics are warranted for one year from date.

Nut Width

Slim Nut Width (S6 Slim, Entourage Series): 1.72"

Original/Standard Nut Width: 1.8"