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Music and gear should be a seamless connection...

This is the ethos behind the equipment that TC Electronic releases to the world. Not only do they create guitar effects pedals and bass amplifiers that make the creation of music easier, but they actively put themselves in the shoes of everyday musicians when creating new products. TC Electronic also connects music hobbyists with the rock icons that they worship. With the creation of TC Electronic TonePrint technology, musicians who own a TonePrint pedal can quickly download effect presets that were uniquely created by rock legends from around the world!

TC Electronic has greatly expanded their product offering since the first product launch in 1976 to now include guitar effects pedals, their famed mini series effects pedals, and some of the lightest bass amplifiers on the planet. It's impossible to fathom the reach of influence that the Ditto Looper, Hall of Fame Reverb, Polytune, Flashback Delay, and many other products have had on the music industry. TC Electronic attentively listens to the needs of musicians and they deliver a creative solution every single time. 

Innovation, intuitive design, seamless functionality....these are the strengths that TC Electronic continues to pass on to the worldwide community of musicians. They are ever pressing ahead into new technologies and we at are proud to be an authorized dealer of TC Electronic products and greatly look forward to what they have up their sleeve in the future!

Geartree's Favorite TC Electronic Effects Pedals

Here's a quick look at 5 of our favorite TC Electronic pedals at Geartree!

 Questions & Tips

Q: Do TC Electronic pedals include a power supply?
At this time they do not include a power supply. Most of their pedals can be powered with a 9V battery except for the Mini pedals.
Q: What type of power supply should I purchase for my TC Electronic pedal?
Every TC Electronic pedal that we carry uses a 9V DC Center Negative power supply with at least a 100mA rating. We recommend checking the user manual for any pedal you purchase just to be certain.
Q: Are TC Electronic pedals true bypass?

The TC Electronic pedals that we carry are all true bypass, which ensures zero tone coloration. True bypass lets your tone shine through with no loss of high-end. 

Q: What is TonePrint?

TonePrint simply means signature effects. It is custom-built versions of classic TC effects, available for any TonePrint-enabled product. We're not talking simple presets, we're way past that! These are custom tuned sounds built by the best of the best in music from the ground up. 

TC has asked the very best guitarists and bass players to give their take on TC effects as they use them live and in the studio and they have dialed in a sound that truly represents them via the TonePrint deep editor. The result is a signature TC effect that is simply dripping with the DNA of rock!

You can get TonePrint sounds a couple different ways. You can load them into your pedal via USB - but why not rock like you're on the Enterprise and simply beam the TonePrints through the awesome and totally free TonePrint App for iOS and Android?!

3 Year Warranty

Warranty coverage is provided by TC Electronic's parent company, Music Group. Music Group is committed to providing the highest quality products, service and user experience for customers. One element of this commitment is their after-sales support which incorporates Music Group's extended Limited Warranty Policy. If you have any concerns that are not addressed by this Policy, you may contact Music Group at

Pedal Sizes

Standard Pedal Size: 2.8" x 4.8" x 2.0"

Mini Pedal Size: 1.9" x 1.9" x 3.7