3 Leaf Audio Limited Edition Duke Proton Envelope

Product Information

A modern homage to the classic sounds of Stevie Wonder, Jerry Garcia, Bootsy Collins and many more. The new Proton envelope filter contains the essence of what made the old Mutron sound so good, without all of the drawbacks of the original. Its small, it runs on a standard 9-18v DC power supply (no battery), and it wont change your volume when you kick it on. But most importantly, it sounds FUNKY. With its simple control layout, you can easily dial in the slurpy, wet filter sounds of the original. Set the sensitivity with the GAIN control and the resonance with the PEAK control, and youre good to go! It also features high and low range positions, lowpass and bandpass modes, and a sweep reverse. It has a wide sensitivity range that will drive active or passive instruments, and the filter range is such that it will sound great on guitar, bass, and whatever else you can throw at it. The color of this very limited run is called Duke, based on a classic Italian race bike livery. Limited edition of 100 units.

Product Features

  • 'Duke' based on a classic Italian race bike livery
  • Gain, Peak, Decay and Tone Control Knobs
  • Limited Edition - 100 Units
  • Single Button Operation
  • Sweep Switch
  • Top-Mounted Jacks

Product Specifications

All Ages
Ship Dimension
7 x 10 x 6 inches
Ship Weight