Bogner Ecstasy Red Mini Effects Pedal

Product Information

Ecstasy red pedal in a small housing, just like the big brother it captures the classic red channel tone of the legendary amplifier, famous for its incendiary higher gain crunch and lead tones. Using interactive controls to adjust gain and EQ settings, the red pedal delivers a wide range of expressive tones from vintage overdrive to ripping modern high gain. Ideal for aggressive playing styles, the red pedal boasts the outrageous heavy tones that get Bogner amps into the backlines of rocks most notable players. The Ecstasy red mini is powered by a 9VDC power supply only! Reinholds advanced circuitry internally elevates the voltage to a substantially higher level. This higher voltage provides a greater dynamic range which closely resembles the feel of the Ecstasy amplifiers legendary tube design!

Product Features

  • 9VDC connector, no internal battery operation!
  • Active Bass, Middle and Treble tone controls
  • Gain and Volume controls
  • Mid frequency range up or down shift trim pot, accessible from bottom
  • Mode Switch: - basic red channel high gain, + red channel with boost engaged Jacks: input, output.
  • True bypass
  • Pre-Eq Switch: B1, N and B2 settings control openness and presence of higher range harmonics
  • Variac On/Off switch: adds a dropped voltage dynamic compression to the feel and sound

Product Specifications

Bogner Amplification
All Ages
Effect Type
Ship Dimension
6 x 4 x 10 inches
Ship Weight