Epoch Pre EP3 Preamp/Buffer

Product Information

Since 2003 Catalinbread has been bringing back the most sought-after effects in history. The companys pedals are hand built by an experienced team of engineers in Portland, OR.

Well-known guitarists like Jimmy Page and Eddie van Halen used the Echoplex EP-3 to push their amps and Catalinbread has now taken it to new heights with a technically elaborate variant. Chief designer Howard G has now precisely analyzed and dissected the old Echoplex preamp - the secret of the legendary headroom lies in the internal operating voltage of 22 volts. The Epoch Pre also works internally with 22 Volt, which is rewarded with an enormous headroom. From the good old Echoplex, there are 2 versions that differ in the sound - the Epoch pedal has both variants on board: Early simulates the first Echoplex series, which delivers tight basses and raised upper mids - while the later version is incredibly round, warm and creamy Sounds The BIAS of the JFEt transistors can be controlled, resulting in different sound colours. In addition, there is a booster on board that peps up the Guitar Amp. The pedal can be used anywhere in your chain but is best suited at the end; a switchable buffer is available for long cable paths.

Product Features

  • All-discrete, through-hole construction with orange drop 225P capacitors, carbon composition resistors, and other premium parts.
  • All-discrete, through-hole construction with orange drop 225P capacitors, carbon composition resistors, and other premium parts.
  • Balance control replicates EP-3 mixer stage. From minimum to noon it controls the volume. From noon on up, subtle frequency and phase shifts occur.
  • Bias control ranges from EP-3 unity gain response all the way to a huge amount of clean boost.
  • Boost control sets the amount of preset boost activated via the Boost footswitch. The Boost function adds even more boost to wherever the boost level from the Bias control is set.
  • Dual outputs to drive two amps or two different signal chains.
  • Early or Later preamp voicings switchable from front panel button. Early voicing has tightened bass and upper-midrange boost. Later voicing has extended bass and a broad, creamy response.
  • Exact preamp circuit from the EP-3 including JFET gain stage, the mixer stage, and the circuit loading from the tape circuitry.
  • Operates on standard 9 volt pedal power supply, internally converted to shunt-regulated 22 volts, just like an EP-3.
  • Switchable output buffer via front panel control. When buffer is on, it remains on even when preamp is bypassed. The buffer runs at 22 volts and is an all-discrete silicon transistor based circuit (bootstrapped bipolar emitter follower).

Product Specifications

All Ages
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Ship Dimension
8 x 10 x 3 inches
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