Darkglass MXU Microtubes X Ultra Multiband Bass Di

Product Information

The Microtubes X Ultra greatly expands on the already immense versatility of the Microtubes X7. Featuring all the great controls that its predecessor has that allows users to select exactly what frequencies they want to compress and saturate for the low and treble respectively, but with four major additions providing an additional layer of flexibility, while maintaining the same compact footprint, making it an extremely complete tool for the modern bassist.

Product Features

  • 4.21x4.72 inches
  • A Micro USB B connector allows you to connect the pedal to PC/Mac to load cabinet simulation impulse responses to the pedal and control various other settings.
  • Auxiliary Input - Perfect for quiet practice, you can now connect your PC or mobile device to your pedal to play along with your favorite songs, and backing tracks while using the headphone output.
  • Balanced XLR output for connecting the pedal to a microphone preamp, PA system, etc.
  • Cab Sim - Toggle the cabinet simulation on/off on the Direct Output. This switch completely bypasses all digital circuits and allows you to get a zero latency signal when needed.
  • Ground lift Disconnects the signal ground on the Direct Output to break any ground loops. Set this switch to either position that has less noise. The switch does not affect the '' output.
  • Microtubes X Ultra has a digitally controlled headphone amplifier with a 3.5mm stereo jack output. Digital volume control is available in Darkglass Suite.

Product Specifications

All Ages
Effect Type
Model Year
Model Name
Microtubes X Ultra
Ship Dimension
3 x 1.8 x 4.4 inches
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