• Deering AS Artisan Goodtime Special Banjo with Res
  • Deering AS Artisan Goodtime Special Banjo with Res
Deering AS Artisan Goodtime Special Banjo with Res

Product Information

The Artisan Goodtime Special has the look of an older banjo with the rich brown stain, Deering fiddle shaped peghead and planetary banjo tuners. The Artisan Goodtime Special can be heard with a sweet voice with sustain that complements all the instruments in a band. Tuned to an open G Chord, with the spikes already installed, you can easily play in other keys.

The stunning new Artisan Goodtime banjos epitomizes Greg Deerings lifelong vision for the Deering Banjo Company to make the best sounding, best playing, best looking, and best value U.S.A. made banjo that he possibly could. Pearloid vintage artisan style inlays pop off the new Midnight Maple fingerboard, while the peg head is adorned with a beautifully engraved design.

The Artisan Goodtime Special banjo is an achievement in keeping the cost down while providing an instrument that will stay in tune and perform reliably because it is made with precision by skilled American craftsmen. Made efficiently at our factory in Spring Valley (San Diego area of California), this is a comfortably playable banjo with a wonderfully bright tone. It is a solid dependable instrument that is immensely playable with excellent tonality and clarity.

Product Features

  • 11'' 3-ply Violin Grade Maple Rim Stained Rich Brown
  • 11'' Frosted Top High Crown Head
  • 16 Bracket Shoes with Screw Attachments
  • 16 Flat Hooks with 9/32'' Nuts
  • 5/8'' Maple/Ebony Goodtime Bridge
  • Deering Patented Goodtime Tailpiece
  • Durable Satin Finish on Resonator
  • Goodtime Special Logo Engraved On Peghead
  • Maple Resonator Stained Rich Brown
  • Midnight Maple Fingerboard
  • Neck Width at the Nut 1 1/4''
  • Overall Instrument Length 38''
  • Patented Goodtime Special Tone Ring
  • Planetary Tuners
  • Resonator Diameter 13 7/8''
  • Rim Diameter 11''
  • Scale Length Nut to Bridge 26 1/4''
  • Slender Rock Maple Neck Stained a Rich Brown
  • Steel Coordinator Rod for Adjustments
  • Steel Tension Hoop
  • Weight Approx. 8 lbs

Product Specifications

Deering Banjo
All Ages
Model Name
Artisan Goodtime Special