• Spatial Delivery V2 Sample & Hold Envelope Filter
  • Spatial Delivery V2 Sample & Hold Envelope Filter
  • Spatial Delivery V2 Sample & Hold Envelope Filter
  • Spatial Delivery V2 Sample & Hold Envelope Filter
Spatial Delivery V2 Sample & Hold Envelope Filter

Product Information

EarthQuaker Devices Spatial Delivery V2 Voltage Controlled Envelope Filter Guitar Effects Pedal with Sample & Hold: Howdy Space Cowboys and Cowgirls! Saddle up on the Spatial Delivery Envelope Filter with Sample & Hold! The Spatial Delivery is a voltage-controlled envelope filter thatll help you explore the final frontier of funk while reinforcing your secret love affair with auto-wah. The Spatial Delivery has three modes - Upward Filter Sweep, Downward Filter Sweep, and Sample & Hold.In Up and Down modes, youll get super precise touch-sensitive tone sweeps with a variety of filter types. In both modes, the Spatial Deliverys controls for "Range," "Resonance," and "Filter" interact to deliver anything from subtle phaser-like modulation, to whistly resonant peaks.

The "Range" control adjusts the sensitivity of the envelope, dialing in the overall touch-responsiveness to pick attack. "Resonance" adjusts the feedback of the filter. Counter-clockwise settings yield a rounded, subdued tone, while clockwise settings increase the body and ring of the filter voice, resulting in a sharp, peaky tone. The "Filter" control crossfades between Low-Pass, Band-Pass, and High-Pass filters, so only the good bits of your signal get freaky funkified.

Product Features

  • "Filter" control crossfades between Low Pass, High Pass, and Band Pass filters for precise control over filter bandwidth
  • All-analog dry signal path
  • Current draw: 69mA
  • Great on guitar, bass, keys, drum machines, synths, etc.
  • Hybrid analog/digital wet signal path
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • New flexi switch silent relay based switching allows for traditional latching or momentary operation*
  • Product Dimensions: 4.75" x 2.50" x 2.25"
  • The Spatial Delivery is true-bypass, and built one-at-a-time by a bunch of jokers in Akron, Ohio, USA - where we would never, ever dream of faking the funk on the nasty dunk.
  • Three filter modes: Upwards Sweep, Downwards Sweep, and Sample & Hold
  • Touch responsive filtering for expressive "auto-wah" style modulation
  • Voltage Controlled Envelope filter with Sample & Hold
  • Weight: 14 ounces

Product Specifications

EarthQuaker Devices
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7 x 10 x 6 inches
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