• Tone Job V2 EQ/Boost Effect Pedal
  • Tone Job V2 EQ/Boost Effect Pedal
  • Tone Job V2 EQ/Boost Effect Pedal
Tone Job V2 EQ/Boost Effect Pedal

Product Information

Is your tone pulling its weight? Put it to work with a Tone Job! This compact Boost & EQ Device is based around the tone-shaping options available in old audiophile-grade stereo preamps, making it a great addition to your pedalboard no matter what instrument you play.

So what does that mean, exactly? It means that you'll hear full frequency response from your Tone Job everywhere you plug it in - guitar, bass, drum machine, synthesizers, steel drums, harpsichord, kazoo, car stereo, or wherever!

The Tone Job has active EQ controls for "Bass," "Mid," and "Treble," with up to 20 dB of cut or boost, which is handy for pairing up with other pedals in your chain to breathe new life into old dirt. Unlike boring old graphic EQs, the Tone Job's EQ controls are interactive, so you can experiment with different settings to alter the response and overall feel of the Device, getting your tone out of the lunchroom and back on the clock.

Place the Tone Job at the beginning of your chain to alter the overall character of your guitar, or use it at the end to boost output at the end of a long cable run and fine-tune your tone. The "Level" control on the Tone Job can boost your signal up to 5x the original input level, so you'll always be heard, and makes for a fantastic solo and/or clean boost!

The Tone Job is all analog, true-bypass, and built one-at-a-time by a bunch of standing waves and a few bass traps in acoustically challenged Akron, Ohio, USA.

New to Tone Job V2
Silent relay-based switching

Product Features

  • "Level" control can boost signals up to 5x the original input
  • Active "Treble," "Mid," and "Bass" controls offer 20dB of cut or boost
  • All-analog signal path
  • Circuit design based on 70s audiophile stereo preamps for maximum frequency response
  • EQ & Boost
  • Interactive EQ controls: "Treble" and "Bass" respond to "Mid" position
  • True bypass

Product Specifications

EarthQuaker Devices
All Ages
Effect Type
EQ/Tone Shaping
Ship Dimension
8 x 10 x 3 inches
Ship Weight