EMG KH-BB Kirk Hammett Bone Breaker Signature Pick

Product Information

Kirk Hammett has been ripping up solos for Metallica for over 30 years. Riffs on Ride the Lighting, Master of Puppets, and the Black Album are a must learn for all rock guitarists. For Kirk, his tone starts with EMG pickups. Metallicas crunch sound is often cleaner than people expect, says Kirk. My taste in tone has definitely changed over the years. I dont like to use as much distortion these daysI prefer my tone to be nice and crisp. The new Kirk Hammett Bone Breaker set is the result of taking the success of Metallica tone and adding some new elements without sacrificing gain for clean or vice-versa. By making slight pre-amp adjustments and combining Alnico 5 and Ceramic magnets the perfect tone-beast was created. The Bone Breaker set consist of the BB-B Ceramic bridge and the BB-N Alnico 5 neck pickups. If you are looking for rhythm or lead tone, the Kirk Hammett Bone Breaker set offers crisp crushing leads or smooth rounded rhythm tone at the flip of the selector switch. 

Product Features

  • 1 x Battery Bus
  • 1 x Output Cable
  • 1 x Stereo Output Jack
  • 1 x Two Pickup In/Out Bus
  • 2 x 25K Tone Pot
  • 2 x 25K Volume Pot
  • 2 x Pair Mounting Screws and Springs
  • 2 x Pickup Cables
  • 4 x Connect Cables

Product Specifications

All Ages
Ship Dimension
8 x 10 x 3 inches
Ship Weight