Fishman PRF-BS4-SB2 Fluence Bass, 4 String, Soapba

Product Information

Versatility without compromise
The Fluence Bass Soapbar pickup brings revolutionary Fluence Multi-Voice performance, dynamic range, and articulation to 4 and 5-string bassists.
Based on Fishmans convention-disrupting Fluence Core technology, a single bass pickup can now produce multiple timbres and sounds, each untethered from the other. Original and totally re-imagined, Fluence Multi-Voice pickups for electric bass are free from the hum, noise and frustrating inductance issues that plague even the most coveted wire-wound pickups, revealing pure, uncorrupted bass tone.

Like all Fluence pickups, the Bass Soapbar pickups are multi-voice and can be powered by a Fluence rechargeable battery pack or a standard 9-Volt battery.

Additionally, Fluence Bass Soapbar pickups can be split for single-coil operation or paired with our onboard Treble and Bass control to further expand the tonal palette.
Voicings for the Fluence Bass Soapbar pickup were created to offer players a wide palette of sounds that cover all playing styles.

Voice 1: Classic, fat and round
Voice 2 (Mid Cut): Funk, Hi-Fi scooped
Voice 3 (Mid Flat): Full frequency, full dynamics
Single Coil Mode: Same voices as above but with Jazz Bass string window

Product Features

  • 1 ceramic bridge position pickup, 1 ceramic neck position pickup
  • 2-band EQ for Treble and Bass
  • All components required to achieve Fluence Bass wiring scheme
  • All wiring required for installation
  • Push-pull Voice Selector pot for use in Volume or Tone position
  • Volume, Tone, and Blend pots

Product Specifications

All Ages
Model Year
Ship Dimension
6 x 4 x 10 inches
Ship Weight