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Tour Pro 15

Product Information

First and foremost, like his amps, guitars, cabs, pedals and monitors, Friedman pedal boards are MADE IN USA. Why? Because it matters to us and the quality and manufacturing consistency of the TOUR PRO boards is what makes a Friedman a "FRIEDMAN!"While most pedal boards have either a flat or a slanted surface, the TOUR PRO boards are designed with two tiers, a bottom section that is flat and a top section that is angled (with all the holes needed for easy cable routing). This two tier design allows a guitar player to have access to all pedals on the board, without ballerina style, toe-extending dance moves. And, to address the need for Wah and/or Volume pedals, the TOUR PRO 1520 includes a detachable riser, which can be mounted in various locations on the bottom tier (yes - we thought of left footed guitar players too).Many of today's pedal board packages include a bag of some kind. But, what is the quality of the bag you are getting? In most cases the best you get is an economic-bag. For the Friedman pedal boards, Dave created a bag that is of the highest quality and most importantly, made to withstand the rigors of the road. Friedman pedal board bags feature thick padding on the inside, robust zippers, front pouch for your cables and even gold piping adorn the "FRIEDMAN" bag. The TOUR PRO 1520 includes riser, carrying bag, and an accessory pack with:1 x 2" x 10' roll of black Velcro 10 x 7.75" black wire-ties12 x 1" black wire-tie mounts with adhesive backing.

Product Features

  • Includes Accessory Pack
  • Made in USA Pedal Board
  • Professional Carrying Bag
  • Riser can be mounted in 4 different positions
  • Two Tier Design
  • Dimensions: 15 Inches (D) x 20 Inches (W) x 4 Inches (H)

Product Specifications

All Ages
12" to 18"
Soft Case
12" to 24"
Ship Dimension
9 x 20 x 24 inches
Ship Weight