Dream Sequence Programmable Rhythm & Octave Pedal

Product Information

Its a sequencer, an envelope shaper, a pitch shifter, a sampler, and more. Its a source of inspiration that can create synth-like arpeggios, pulsating sheets of sub-octave distortion, shimmering, ethereal chord washes, and a limitless number of other new sounds. Dream Sequence is built around a pattern-based rhythmic Sequencer that pitch shifts your instrument up or down one octave. This allows for unique Arpeggiator and Tremolo patterns at moderate tempos, churning, atmospheric effects at slow tempos, and wild Modulation-like effects at high speeds.

Dream Sequences patterns are composed of octave up and octave down pitch shifts in rhythmic sequence. The octave up and octave down section can also be used independently of the sequencer to replace a traditional pitch shifter pedal.

Holograms proprietary, hassle-free Tap Tempo system allows you to synchronize with other musicians effortlessly. Tap as few, or as many, times as you want (even throughout an entire song) and Dream Sequence will smoothly interpret the tempo changes without artifacts.

Dream Sequences "Hold" function allows you to sample a chord or note and sustain it indefinitely; it then feeds this sample into the pattern sequencer, allowing you to play on top of it to create harmonies, drones, and many other new tonal possibilities. It also has a built-in analog overdrive and tone circuit. Save drive and tone settings for each preset, or manipulate them as part of your patterns.

Product Features

  • 24 Built-in Presets
  • Analog Dry Path
  • Auxiliary Modes for use as a +1/-1 oct. Pitch Shifter, Tremolo, or Hold Sampler
  • Digitally-Controlled, Analog Drive and Tone
  • Expression Pedal Input, Mappable to Many Controls
  • Infinite "Hold" Sampler
  • MIDI In/Out
  • Octave Up and Down Pitch Shifting
  • Pattern Recorder, for Creating Custom Patterns via Tapping Footswitches
  • Pattern Sequencer
  • Record and Save Knob "Automation"
  • Rhythmic Gate, with dynamic ADSR morphing
  • Save Custom Presets, with 11 Save Slots
  • Tap Tempo
  • True Bypass Switching (electromechanical relay)

Product Specifications

Hologram Electronics
All Ages
Effect Type
Ship Dimension
7 x 10 x 6 inches
Ship Weight