• NLF-1 BritWind Nano Legacy Floor Amplifier
  • NLF-1 BritWind Nano Legacy Floor Amplifier
NLF-1 BritWind Nano Legacy Floor Amplifier

Product Information

Hotones Nano Legacy amps are so in demand that it only made sense for us to combine two of them into one, put it in convenient floor-based stompbox, and let it rule as the core of your professional sound system.

More than simply combining two Nano Legacy amps in one, the Nano Legacy Floor amps feature upgraded sound quality, increased output power (up to 75 watts) and extended onboard functions/effects. Plus, these portable dual-channel amps let you integrate a complete rig that is always ready for touring and recording: just connect to a cabinet/mixer/interface and youre ready to rock!

Dual channel design combining 2 best-selling Nano Legacy amps in one:
- CH A: Hotone British Invasion, inspired by legendary Vox AC30
- CH B: Hotone Purple Wind, inspired by legendary Marshall Plexi Super Lead 1959

- The mentioned manufacturers and product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of the respective owners. The trademarks were used merely to identify the sound character of the products.

Product Features

  • 18-20V DC power supply (center positive)
  • Built-in boost provides up to +12dB of clean volume boost
  • Built-in reverb with clear, natural decay
  • Compatible with cabinets of different impedances ranging from 4-16ohm
  • FX LOOP for using external effects
  • High quality tone with independent volume, gain, and 3-band EQ
  • Line and XLR outputs with switchable cab simulator
  • Portable dual channel floor amp for your pedalboard
  • Unbeatable Nano Legacy tone with upgraded sound quality and dynamic range
  • Up to 75 Watts output power

Product Specifications

Effect Type
Ship Dimension
12 x 12 x 8 inches
Ship Weight