• Icon Qcon Pro - DAW Control Surface incl Cubase LE
  • Icon Qcon Pro - DAW Control Surface incl Cubase LE
  • Icon Qcon Pro - DAW Control Surface incl Cubase LE
Icon Qcon Pro - DAW Control Surface incl Cubase LE

Product Information

The Icon QCon Pro has eight channel strips, which can be set to control any track in your session, including audio tracks, MIDI tracks, and return tracks. The Track-Shift function shifts tracks one at a time, while Bank-Shift skips through banks of eight tracks. Each channel strip includes a mute, solo, select, and record arm button, a 12-segment LED meter, and a touch-sensitive motorized fader. Above the channel strips are eight rotary encoders with LED rings and push-reset for dynamic control of sends, panning, EQ, effects, and more. Activating the Flip feature sends plugin control to the motorized faders while the rotary encoders control the track levels; essentially swapping channel fader and encoder functions for more precise control over plugin parameters. A motorized fader is also provided for the master output channel.

The Icon QCon Pro is expandable to up to 32 channels using Icon QCon EX extender units. The QCon EX features eight channel strips identical to the QCon Pro. All of the channel controls on the QCon Pro will also affect the connected QCon EX units, including Track Shift, Bank Shift, Flip, and automation. Up to three QCon EX units can be connected with a QCon Pro.

In addition to the channel strips, the QCon Pro offers control of navigation, playback, recording, automation, editing, and more. Select tracks, regions, and clips, using the arrow buttons, and use the jog wheel for fast scanning and scrubbing through the timeline. Set the automation modes directly on the control surface, and use the motorized faders, encoders, and buttons to automate your mix. The QCon Pro also has 8 assignable buttons and a Shift button for additional layers of control.

An illuminated display with adjustable viewing angle is provided to give you real-time feedback of your session, including track names, parameter values, and playback position in bars/beats and SMPTE time-code.

Product Features

  • Power supply12V/6A DC
  • USB connector (standard type)

Product Specifications

All Ages
White Pearl
Ship Dimension
20 x 4 x 20 inches
Ship Weight