• KT1 5-pc Digital Drum Set Bundle
  • KT1 5-pc Digital Drum Set Bundle
  • KT1 5-pc Digital Drum Set Bundle
  • KT1 5-pc Digital Drum Set Bundle
  • KT1 5-pc Digital Drum Set Bundle
  • KT1 5-pc Digital Drum Set Bundle
KT1 5-pc Digital Drum Set Bundle

Bundle Information
Products in this bundle:

  • KT1 5-Piece Complete Digital/Electronic Drum Set
    1x KT1 5-Piece Complete Digital/Electronic Drum Set
    The KT1 features over 150 sounds with 10 user-programmable drum set configurations that emulate a wide range of musical styles - from rock to reggae, jazz to electronic. KAT digital sounds and drum kit set-ups were all carefully created and engineered by professional drummers. This has resulted making a KAT Drum Set a more realistic and drummer-friendly experience than other kit in its price range.The KT1 comes with 40 play-along tracks that you can jam to and a metronome click-track with nine time signatures to help you lock in your groove. With the KT1 kit, you'll be playing in no time. Just turn on the module, choose your settings and start playing.
  • RXP Single Bass Drum Pedal
    1x RXP Single Bass Drum Pedal
    ddrum offers RX hardware, a full line of double-braced stands and pedals to support you at home or on the gig great line of hardware at a great value. Beginners and weekend warriors alike can head out for the night, or to rehearsal, with ddrum's RX hardware - a great line of hardware at a great value.
  • SR350 Over-Ear Black Stereo Headphones
    1x SR350 Over-Ear Black Stereo Headphones
    SKU: SAMSSR350
    Samson's SR350 Stereo Headphones provide quality bass performance and excellent sound isolation in a lightweight, over-ear design. The wide cushioning on its ear pads and adjustable headband provide serious comfort, while a low-profile fit makes the SR350s ideal for everything from home listening to fitness applications.

Product Information

The KAT Percussion KT1 electronic drum kit lets you turn up the rock and turn down the volume. Engineered to provide you with a phenomenal playing experience, the KT1's 8" trigger pads provide you with natural stick rebound, and all three cymbals are incredibly responsive. You'll hear this come to life in each of the KT1's more than 150 percussion sounds. Onboard rhythms and a versatile metronome give you a great base for practicing, and onboard USB lets you connect your KAT Percussion KT1 rig to your DAW or virtual instruments.

Product Features

  • 10 programmable drum sets
  • All sounds are velocity sensitive for natural dynamic response
  • Built-in General MIDI sound library
  • Over 150 studio-grade drum, cymbal, and percussion sounds
  • Pre-assembled drum rack with easy out of the box setup
  • Pre-labeled wire harness for easy setup
  • Specially designed rubber, trigger pads are 8-inches in diameter and respond with a familiar stick rebound that feels completely natural
  • The 1/8-inch audio input jack allows you to connect a CD player, MP3 player, iPhone or iPad so you can play along with your favorite tunes
  • USB / MIDI output for use with computer software for recording and playback

Technical Specifications

  • Configuration
  • Snare:8" Single zone pad
  • Tom1 - Tom3: 8" Single zone pad
  • Crash1:12" Single zone cymbal
  • Ride:10" Single zone cymbal w/choke
  • Hi-Hat: 10" Single zone cymba

Product Specifications

All Ages
Total Number of Pads
Ship Dimension
14 x 18 x 8 inches
Ship Weight