• White Sands Luxe Drive Guitar Effects Pedal
  • White Sands Luxe Drive Guitar Effects Pedal
  • White Sands Luxe Drive Guitar Effects Pedal
White Sands Luxe Drive Guitar Effects Pedal

Product Information

Inspired by the faintest rounding of your tone when you start to push a tube, this is Keeley's low gain drive solution. The Keeley White Sands pedal uses asymmetrical clipping that clips or distorts half of the guitar signal more than the other half. With this type of clipping you simulate some of the characteristics of a tube amplifier. It's also in the clipping stage that we keep the bass response tight by making sure bass frequencies don't get muddy when they are distorted. What you get is pure Rock'n'Roll with the Keeley White Sands.

The White Sands Luxe Drive uses a different tone control network that is found in many tube drive pedals. Fan of the Keeley Red Dirt Overdrive? Well think of this as a low drive version with a tone control network that doesn't boost the mid-range frequencies. The Tone range is controlled yet very useful in dialing the high-end response. Want to dial in a transparent tone to see if the pedal can remain true to your guitar's tone? Go ahead! Do you want to use that neck pickup on your Les Paul or other humbuckers-equipped guitar but not have it turn to mush? Don't worry, the Luxe Drive isn't about putting a mask on your tone, in fact it retains amazing transparency.

Okay, need to kick it up a notch and hit the crowd with some dirt? Sandy Mode - drive that's smooth, feels Really Good and has that snarl of authenticity. SANDY is what you need when you aren't trying to be sensitive!

We know players pay a lot of money for their guitars. Why have a pedal destroy your signal? The White Sands uses the JFET input buffer, like what's used in the Red Dirt and Seafoam chorus, to capture your pickup's nuances without loading them down.

Product Features

  • Clean mode: use as clean boost, dialing in grit to taste
  • Handcrafted in Edmond, OK
  • JFET input buffer captures your pickups' nuances without loading them down
  • Low-drive circuit with a tone control network that doesn't boost midrange frequencies
  • Retains amazing transparency, tight bass response no matter how hard you push it
  • Sandy mode: when you're ready to hit the crowd with some dirt
  • Slotted between Katana Clean Boost and the attitude-laden Red Dirt in Keeley's lineup
  • Uses asymmetrical clipping, which simulates tube amp characteristics

Product Specifications

All Ages
Effect Type
Ship Dimension
7 x 10 x 6 inches
Ship Weight