• KROSS 2 61-Key Synth Workstation Super Matte Black
  • KROSS 2 61-Key Synth Workstation Super Matte Black
  • KROSS 2 61-Key Synth Workstation Super Matte Black
KROSS 2 61-Key Synth Workstation Super Matte Black

Product Information

KROSS 2, the long-awaited successor of the KROSS, is a compact, portable workstation with a huge range of sounds. While maintaining its identity as ultra-lightweight, compact, and capable of running on batteries, this new model dramatically enhances KROSSs sounds and functionality. In addition to a total of more than a thousand preset sounds, expansion PCM memory has been newly added. Also new is a pad sampler that allows full-fledged sampling, and USB audio/MIDI interface functionality. The color scheme is even more stylish, and the user interface allows intuitive operation even by beginners.

Effortlessly select the sound that you want to play, shape it to match your imagination, sample a sound, create phrases and rhythms, record your vocal or guitar, bring KROSS 2 on stage, and perform. Whatever you artistic vision, you can make it happen. KROSS 2 is a versatile synthesizer platform made with creative freedom in mind.

The evolved KROSS 2 expands polyphony from 80 to 120 voices, and dramatically powers-up the number of internal programs from 809 to 1,075 programs. Including multi-layered pianos and electric pianos, thick strings and other new sounds that will work well with any band, as well as the latest drum kits to cover current styles such as EDM. The wide selection of programs covers your needs from live performance to studio production.

The high-quality EDS-i Enhanced Definition Synthesis-integrated sound engine is inherited from KORGs professional synthesizers. You can use a total of seven effects units simultaneously: five insert and two master. Rich expressive power is available from the selection of 134 high-quality effects, including standard effects such as delay and reverb as well as amp modeling, vintage effect units, and even a vocoder.

Product Features

  • 120 Max Polyphony
  • 120 Max Polyphony
  • 128 MB of Built-In Expansion PCM Memory
  • 61 Velocity-Sensitive Keys
  • Also Functions as a USB Interface
  • Expressive Power of the EDS-I Sound Engine
  • Operates on (6) AA Batteries or AC Power
  • Over 1,000 Powered-Up Presets
  • Realtime Control Selection
  • Rich Selection of 134 Types of Effects
  • Rich Selection of 134 Types of Effects
  • Sequencer, Drum Track and Arpeggiator to Support Song Production

Technical Specifications

  • Dimensions: 935 269 x 88 mm / 36.81" 10.59" 3.46"
  • Weight: 3.8 kg / 8.38 lbs

Product Specifications

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