• LZX Navigator 16hp 2d Analog Graphics Engine Video
  • LZX Navigator 16hp 2d Analog Graphics Engine Video
LZX Navigator 16hp 2d Analog Graphics Engine Video

Product Information

Making shapes spin and move is notoriously difficult for pattern synthesis based only on oscillators synchronized to horizontal and vertical frequency ranges. Navigator is a large piece of a new method of video synthesis technique that I have been researching, simulating, and developing for the past few years since the initial release of our video synthesizer modules. Rather than using VCOs as a primary signal generator, this method uses horizontal and vertical ramp waveforms as a method to convert voltage to screen position.

For example, with horizontal and vertical ramps that go from black-to-white across the screen, we can identify an X,Y position on the screen with two voltages. The point at which each ramp is at 0.5 volts (medium gray) is the center of the display. Once a screen position can be identified in X/Y points, we can use analog computing techniques to perform operations such as position
modulation and the 2D rotation transform (involving four 4-quadrant multipliers and 2 summing blocks, its a big circuit!) Navigator maintains video rate signal path from input to output.

We get lots of requests about using our modules for vector rescanning techniques using oscilloscopes and XY displays. Due to some careful consideration on signal paths, Navigator is perfectly at home in this environment as well.

Product Features

  • Mounting Depth, 32mm
  • Power +12V @ 130mA
  • Power -12V @ 100mA
  • Width, 16HP

Product Specifications

LZX Industries
All Ages
Ship Dimension
7 x 10 x 6 inches
Ship Weight