Malekko Quad VCA Eurorack Synth Module w/ Geartree

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  • Malekko Quad VCA Eurorack Synth Module
    1x Malekko Quad VCA Eurorack Synth Module
    Quad VCA is a 4-channel, advanced voltage controlled amplifier with an analog signal path that can either be used stand-alone, or in tandem with the Varigate 4+ and 8+ for multiple preset recall over the power bus. Input channels 2-4 are normalled to 1 and Scan Mode allows for complex level and modulation routing. Each channel includes a mute function and all outputs are summed to a mix output. To adjust level and CV modulation per channel, use the Select Channel buttons and then adjust the Offset and Attenuverter controls. Scan Mode includes two functions. Scan: Insert 4 inputs, 1 CV and monitor Mix output for 4:1 scanning. Pan: Insert an input into Ch 1 and Ch 1 CV will route input to up to 4 different outputs. Offset and Attenuation can be adjusted to control how incoming CV is applied. The Remote switch allows you to access saved presets when paired with Varigate 8+ (100 presets) or Varigate 4+ (16 presets). In stand-alone mode, all settings are auto-saved. Quad VCA is a complete 4-channel VCA and mixing solution with preset recall capability, all in 8hp.
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    1x 12" Eurorack Modular Synth 3.5mm Mono Cable
    SKU: ADIFPC002002
    Ad Infinitum Music was established in 1996 with the introduction of a series of 3.5mm type synthesizer modules and a small line of 3.5mm patch cable solutions. Due to the overwhelming response to the high quality and value of their cables, Ad Infinitum has grown to provide a large selection of colors and lengths that provide extremely versatile patching solutions, enabling easy setup and use for both live performance and patch development in the studio.
  • Microfiber Instrument Polish Cloth
    1x Microfiber Instrument Polish Cloth
    Keep your instrument collection clean and free of dust, smudges and other day-to-day blems with this microfiber polishing cloth. For use on guitars, basses, drums and any other instruments that need upkeep.

Product Information

Quad VCA from Malekko is an excellent module for managing the dynamics within your patches, and it is designed to be easily incorporated with the company's previous hits, namely Varigate 4+ and Varigate 8+. The module consists of four channels, each with its own dedicated CV input. There is an internal normalization that ties channels 2-4 to channel 1's signal and CV input. A dedicated mute on every channel renders Malekko's Quad VCA to be especially suited for live performance scenarios. The special scanning function lets you ''scrub'' through channels and select individual signals. Preset management can be controlled remotely via either of the Varigate modules.

Product Features

  • 4-channel VCA for advanced dynamic audio and modulation control
  • All channels summed to a final mix output
  • Built-in preset control
  • Channels 24 normalized to channel 1's signal and CV inputs
  • Dedicated CV inputs for each channel
  • Dedicated mute for each channel
  • Remote switch enables remote preset control from Varigate 8+ or Varigate 4+
  • Scanning function allows for channel "scrubbing" and individual signal selection

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