• Modal CraftSynth 2.0 Wavetable Synthesizer (with U
  • Modal CraftSynth 2.0 Wavetable Synthesizer (with U
  • Modal CraftSynth 2.0 Wavetable Synthesizer (with U
Modal CraftSynth 2.0 Wavetable Synthesizer (with U

Product Information

Modal CraftSynth 2.0 draws on the raw synthesis power of the original CraftSynth but adds a huge range of new features and again raises the bar on what a compact, portable, battery-powered synthesizer can do. Incorporating the design ethos first seen in the Modal Skulpt synthesizer, CraftSynth 2.0 delivers unprecedented sonic versatility and sound design potential in a completely portable package.

CraftSynth 2.0 packs real oscillator power, with a total of 40 waveforms. With the ability to select and morph between the waveforms in a bank, CraftSynth 2.0's eight oscillator banks cover virtual analog, digital and generative waves as well as a selection from the Modal Electronics 002 synthesizer. Taking sound design potential into new territory, CraftSynth 2.0 features 16 oscillator modulation 'Modifiers' that allow the user to process and cross-modulate between CraftSynth 2.0's two oscillator sets to create truly unique and exciting sonic textures.

Product Features

  • 2 audio rate LFOs
  • 2-pole resonant filter that can be morphed from low pass through band pass to high pass
  • 3 envelope generators for filter, amplitude and modulation
  • 40 unique waveforms available split into 8 banks of 5 morphable waveform sets
  • 5-pin MIDI DIN in and out
  • 64 preset storage locations
  • 8 oscillators in total with 2 selectable waveforms and mixer stage
  • 8-key touch MIDI keyboard with 8 custom scales and root note selection
  • 8-slot modulation matrix with 8 sources; each source can have 1 destination
  • Analog clock sync in and out using the same sync standard found on Korg Volcas and Teenage Engineering Pocket Operators, among others
  • Class-compliant MIDI provided over USB connection to host computer or tablet
  • Delay and distortion (waveshaping overdrive, not bitcrushing) effects
  • Monophonic wavetable synthesizer
  • Multi-option unison/spread to detune the 8 oscillators for a huge sound
  • Optional MIDI clock sync for LFOs and delay
  • Optional software editor available for macOS, iOS, Windows and Android
  • Portable and compact design
  • Powered by USB or 3 AA batteries
  • Process and cross modulate waveforms with 1 of 16 oscillator modifiers including Frequency/Phase Modulation, Hard/Window Sync, Ring/Amp Modulation, Derez/Bitcrush, Wavefolders and Waveshapers
  • Program and transpose patterns with the built-in sequenced arpeggiator
  • Virtual analog, digital and generative waves are available along with selections from Modal 002

Product Specifications

All Ages
Craftsynth 2.0
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