Old Blood Noise Rever Summer Neon Green Rever Reve

Product Information

Special Edition Summer Neon Color! Our Oklahomies at Old Blood Noise Endeavors have made our dreams come true. We have been longtime friends and fans of their sonic imaginations. We are so thrilled to have this opportunity to merge some of our favorite Old Blood Noise sounds into something that weve dreamed up. The Rver pedal contains two signal blocks. One side allows for a momentary reverse of your signal while the other block contains a modulated reverb that is fed into a delay. A toggle switch allows you to set the order of the blocks. With the reverse at the start and reverb and delay after, the sound tends to feel washier and the reverse is smoother. Switch the reverse to the end of the reverb and delay signal and you have a more pronounced and glitch like reverse effect. And now Rver 2.0 has added an additional toggle that allows you to keep the reverse latched at your selected blend setting and the momentary button as a forward switch or vice versa. An expression jack up top lets you control the reverse blend with an expression pedal. While this pedal is simple in concept and controls, the variety of sounds are endless. We find its best used with guitar, keys or drum machine. Our friend Vizie, here in Brooklyn created the artwork. Rver was programmed and designed by Dan Pechacek and hand built by the dreamboats at Old Blood Noise Endeavors in Norman, OK.

Product Features

  • Limited Edition Neon Green
  • Made in the USA

Product Specifications

Old Blood Noise Endeavors
All Ages
Neon Green
Model Year
Model Name
Rever Summer Neon Green
Ship Dimension
7 x 6 x 10 inches
Ship Weight