Pair of Turbosound IP2000 1,000-Watt Powered Colum

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  • Turbosound IP2000 1,000-Watt Powered Column Loudsp
    2x Turbosound IP2000 1,000-Watt Powered Column Loudsp
    SKU: TURBIP2000
    Although we refer to it as a 'column' loudspeaker, the INSPIRE iP2000 delivers the powerful, high-quality sound and optimised dispersion inspired by our award-winning line array products – in a surprisingly lightweight and easy to use, all-in-one form factor. Thanks to an on-board 3-channel digital mixer and multichannel 1,000-Watt Class-D amplifier driving a custom-engineered 12in subwoofer, 16 x 2.75in neodymium drivers, and a horn loaded super tweeter, the iP2000 is ideally-suited for small to medium-sized performance venues, houses of worship, boardroom presentations, nightclubs, and much more.
  • PV 7 ND Magnet Dynamic Microphone with XLR Cable
    2x PV 7 ND Magnet Dynamic Microphone with XLR Cable
    SKU: PEAV03013490
    The Peavey PV 7 Microphone features an ND magnet diaphragm and has high sensitivity. This microphone comes with a XLR to XLR 16.4' (5m) mic cable and is portable to any event or occasion. Equipped with a carrying case for the microphone, you can be sure this will arrive and leave in good condition.
  • Microfiber Instrument Polish Cloth
    1x Microfiber Instrument Polish Cloth
    Keep your instrument collection clean and free of dust, smudges and other day-to-day blems with this microfiber polishing cloth. For use on guitars, basses, drums and any other instruments that need upkeep.

Product Information

1,000 Watt power, multi-channel KLARK TEKNIK Class-D technology, 3 channel digital mixer with gain setting recall, High quality Bluetooth stereo audio streaming.PV 7 Microphone XLR to XLR

Product Features

  • Comprehensive remote control via Apple iPhone/iPad
  • DSP presets for application type and speaker positioning
  • Intuitive single rotary control user interface with LCD display for ease of navigation
  • KLARK TEKNIK's revolutionary SST (Spatial Sound Technology) for creating 3D acoustic environments
  • Modular column loudspeaker for portable PA applications and high quality music playback
  • PV 7 Microphone XLR to XLR
  • Wide sound dispersion (120) provides consistent sound to the audience and performers

Product Specifications

All Ages