Paiste 12-inch PSTX DJs 45 Hi Hat Cymbals

Product Information

The PST X DJs 45 Set was created in collaboration with the soulful Daru Jones, whose church gospel roots led him to the status of being a sought-after drummer and producer/musical director in the hip-hop, soul and rock scene. Highly praised main stream associations include top acts such as Jack White and Jamie Lidell. His very own style - musically and otherwise - led to critical acclaim in top magazines and appearances on national television programs. Always on the go, Daru desired a highly portable cymbal set for hip-hop sessions, DJ Jams, and other sit-ins that spontaneously present themselves, enabling him to preserve his personal sound in modern urban mobility. The concept was developed in the PST X series, which provides a suitable basis for the type of fast and dry sounds that perfectly fit the world of Hip-hop & Electronica percussion. 12 DJs 45 Hats offer a distinct dry stick sound, an open sound with a muted trashy hiss and a chick thats a stupendous dry clap. The DJ theme and the 45 rpm 12-inch single - as the archetypical DJ instrument - served as guidance in the overall design and naming of the DJs 45 set. The Ride thus visually mimics a vinyl record. As a tribute to Darus inspiration, his Rusic Records label logo has further been placed on the cymbals.

Product Features

  • 12-inch hi-hats from Daru Jones and Paiste
  • Bears the Daru Jones silhouette logo
  • Crafted from Paiste's durable and cutting B8 bronze
  • Crisp, quick, and biting
  • Great for special effects, soul, and EDM
  • Made in Switzerland
  • Multiple holes across the top cymbal dry out overtones
  • Natural top, Black bottom

Product Specifications

All Ages
Thin Top / Heavy Bottom
Ship Dimension
12 x 1 x 12 inches
Ship Weight