• Metro 20 Hardcase Pedalboard Bundle
  • Metro 20 Hardcase Pedalboard Bundle
  • Metro 20 Hardcase Pedalboard Bundle
  • Metro 20 Hardcase Pedalboard Bundle
  • Metro 20 Hardcase Pedalboard Bundle
Metro 20 Hardcase Pedalboard Bundle

Bundle Information
Products in this bundle:

  • Metro 20 3-Rail 20
    1x Metro 20 3-Rail 20" x 8" Pedalboard
    The Metro Series is Pedaltrains first three-rail pedal board system. Pedaltrains new Metro Series is perfect for players who need a portable, grab-and- go solution. Musicians who live or work in urban settings or tight spaces will appreciate Metros low profile, horizontal orientation. Thanks to Pedaltrains new modified rail system, even the smallest pedals make an incredibly strong bond with the pedal board.
  • Pedal Power 2 Plus Power Supply
    1x Pedal Power 2 Plus Power Supply
    Used by top touring and recording musicians everywhere, the Voodoo Lab Pedal Power 2 Plus is the industry standard power supply for all battery-operated guitar effects. With eight 9V completely isolated, regulated, and highly filtered outputs, Pedal Power 2 Plus will make your pedals sound consistently at their best. A custom designed, ultra-low noise toroidal transformer delivers quiet operation, free of hum and noise.

Product Information

You've got stompboxes and you want to arrange them. You don't want some nasty mess of pedals and cables onstage... you want to look professional and get yourself a real-deal pedalboard to keep your gear just one toe-tap away. Yep, you want a Pedaltrain Metro 20 pedalboard. These no-nonsense boards are becoming massively popular - you'll see touring guitarists using them. Why? They JUST PLAIN WORK. The angle design keeps your pedals elevated enough, so you can see everything and stop on just the one you want... no screw-ups. And you get a bunch of hook-and-loop material with your Pedaltrain board, so you can line each of the rows and your pedals.

As far as cabling goes, the frame design makes it easy to run your guitar cables and power cables however you like, without issue. As far as size goes, this little Metro 20 is perfect for you tone connoisseurs with a few choice stompboxes. Got a gig to head to where you only need a few select pedals? Just load up the board, stick it in the included gig bag, and you're set!

Product Features

  • Can connect cables neatly and securely over, under, and through surface slots
  • Durable 20" x 8" aluminum alloy pedalboard
  • Easy to add, remove, rearrange, or bypass pedals
  • Includes hook and loop material for easy anchoring of your effects pedals
  • Open, elevated, angled frame design for easy reach of pedals

Product Specifications

All Ages
Hard Case
Ship Dimension
8 x 35 x 12 inches
Ship Weight