Pittsburgh Modular Lifeforms Primary Oscillator Eu

Product Information

True analog innovation, the Lifeforms Primary Oscillator was designed to stretch the boundaries of pure sonic sculpting. The Primary Oscillator uses unique cascading waveform processing to create increasingly complex, fully modulatable waveforms. Through the use of multiple interwoven waveshapers, a simple waveform can quickly mutate into something deeply dynamic and harmonically rich.
Custom waveshapers include a harmonic sine wave; a sine processed to add just enough harmonics to give a resonant filter something to dig into. Next, the included blade wave processor is an evolution of our custom modulation circuit, creating modulatable ramp and pulse waves. The fragments generator is an analog downsampler capable of crushing waveforms to dust without ever sounding thin or cold. Also included, the timbre wave folder enables deep spectral change by repeatedly folding the waveform in on itself until the original waveform is unrecognizable.

Product Features

  • Fine Tune Knob - Limited range frequency control.
  • FM Input Jack - Linear FM or exponential CV input jack.
  • Frequency Knob - Frequency control sweeps from LFO through the full audio range.
  • Harmonic Sine Button - Switch between sine wave (off) and harmonic sine wave (on). Harmonic sine wave adds a minimal number of harmonics to a sine allowing for a new set of timbres to emerge.
  • Pitch Input Jack - 1 volt per octave pitch tracking CV input.
  • Saw Wave Output Jack - Saw wave output jack.
  • Sine Wave Output Jack - Sine wave or harmonic sine wave output jack.
  • Sync Input Jack - Hard sync oscillator reset input jack.

Product Specifications

Pittsburgh Modular
All Ages
Ship Dimension
7 x 10 x 6 inches
Ship Weight