• Presonus Eris E5 2-Way 80-Watt Active Studio Monit
  • Presonus Eris E5 2-Way 80-Watt Active Studio Monit
Presonus Eris E5 2-Way 80-Watt Active Studio Monit

Product Information

When youre serious about creating music, you need studio monitors that will speak nothing but the truth. Eris-series monitors deliver a smooth and accurate frequency response, powerful Class AB amplification with loads of headroom, and a suite of acoustic tuning controls to mitigate room anomalies. Whether youre recording your first album or your latest hit, Eris monitors will ensure your vision is heard.

Todays music producers deal with a wide variety of musical genres and often work in challenging mixing environments. Thats why Eris-series studio monitors offer extensive acoustic tuning controls. The three-position Acoustic Space switch helps to compensate for the boundary bass boost that can occur when a monitor is placed in a corner or near a wall. High and Mid controls help to further mitigate room anomalies. A Low Cutoff filter makes it easy to integrate a Temblor subwoofer into your monitor setup.

Product Features

  • 1-inch (25 mm), ultra-low-mass, silk-dome, high-frequency transducer
  • 102 dB maximum continuous SPL
  • 70 watt, Class AB biamplification
  • Acoustic Space settings (flat, -2, -4 dB) for accurate mixing contour
  • Front-firing acoustic port for superior bass-frequency reproduction
  • Highpass filter (Off, 80 Hz, 100 Hz)
  • Internal power supply with IEC connector
  • Optimized, resonance-suppressing internal bracing
  • RF interference, output current limiting, over-temperature, transient, and subsonic protection
  • 5.25-inch Kevlar low-frequency transducer
  • HF Driver Adjust (6 dB, continuously variable)
  • Midrange Driver Adjust (6 dB, continuously variable)

Product Specifications

All Ages
Ship Dimension
10 x 10 x 15 inches
Ship Weight