• Roland TD-17KL-S V-Drum Series Electronic Drum Set
  • Roland TD-17KL-S V-Drum Series Electronic Drum Set
  • Roland TD-17KL-S V-Drum Series Electronic Drum Set
Roland TD-17KL-S V-Drum Series Electronic Drum Set

Product Information

The Roland TD-17KL electronic drum set is the most affordable model in the Roland TD-17 V-Drums lineup. With high-quality sounds, great playability and response, the Roland TD-17KL offers all of the basic pro-level features. As a bonus, the TD-17KL is easy to use and is rugged enough for frequent setup and tear-down.

The TD-17KL electronic drum set has a responsive PDX-8 dual-trigger mesh snare pad, durable PD-8 gum rubber tom pads, two CY-8 dual trigger cymbal pads, a CY-5 dual trigger hi-hat cymbal pad and the FD-9 hi-hat control pedal. The Roland TD-17KL also includes the new KD-10 Kick Trigger Pad; a sturdy kick pad with terrific dynamic response. The KD-10 Kick Trigger Pad is compatible with single- and double-kick drum pedals.

Finally, the Roland TD-17KL comes with the TD-17-L drum sound module. The Roland TD-17-L module features electronic drum sounds based on Roland's popular TD-50 module. It features 310 drum, percussion and effect sounds. The TD-17 drum sound module also has 100 kits that cover every style of music. Plus, the Roland TD-17-L module also includes the ability to import soundsa feature you'll find on more expensive Roland V-Drums. With outstanding built-in sounds and easy sound editing, you can create custom sounds and kits in seconds. You can even record your performances and save your playing on a standard SDHC card.

If you're looking for the most affordable TD-17 electronic drum set, the Roland TD-17KL gives you pro-level features at the best price.

Product Features

  • Crash: CY-8 x 1
  • Drum sound module: TD-17-L x 1
  • Drum Stand: MDS-4V x 1 (included in U.S. only)
  • Extra Trigger Input Jack: 2 (CRASH 2, AUX)
  • Hi-hat control pedal: FD-9 x 1
  • Hi-hat: CY-5 x 1
  • Included Accessories: Sound module mount, AC adapter, Special connection cable, Drum key
  • Kick: KD-10 x 1
  • Ride: CY-8 x 1
  • Snare: PDX-8 x 1
  • Tom: PD-8A x 3

Product Specifications

All Ages
Model Year
Ship Dimension
25 x 25 x 44 inches
Ship Weight