RM-50 Deluxe A-Model Sunburst Mandolin Bundle

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  • JMT-01 Clip-On Tuner Metronome
    1x JMT-01 Clip-On Tuner Metronome
    With their stylish minimalist design, JOYO tuner products pick up your instrument's string frequency based on the vibration made when you pluck the string. Our tuners are highly accurate, weather-resistant, and easy to operate.
  • SUMS-BK Ukulele/Mandolin Stand
    1x SUMS-BK Ukulele/Mandolin Stand
    The all-new Strukture ukulele and mandolin stand SUMS-BK is crafted from heavy duty steel for maximum strength and stability. The stand features a folding tripod base for easy storage and transport, a convenient height adjustable shaft, as well as padded neck cradles and back rests to provide safe and secure support. The suspended design delivers versatility, and allows for a wide variety of practical uses including both ukulele and mandolin, as well as childrens guitars, travel sized guitars, and even video game controllers. All SUMS-BK stands are completed with a gloss finish for durability and a sleek modern appearance.
  • GearTree Cloth

Product Information

If you are in the habit of playing with the big dogs, then the RM-50 is the mandolin for you. Underneath that flashy exterior is a finely-crafted mandolin with all the features you'd ever want--from the all solid woods--spruce for the top and select maple for back, sides and neck to the slim, professional-type neck with its elevated fingerboard for maximum top vibration.

The top is braced with the traditional spruce tone bars and the time-honored dovetail neck/body joint is the best and strongest construction method known. The adjustable, compensated rosewood bridge and the deluxe tuning machines combine for faultless intonation and every instrument is carefully shop adjusted prior to shipment. See for yourself the value we're talking about--try the new Rover RM-50 mandolin today!

Product Features

  • Adjustable truss rod
  • Hand-carved and arched, all solid maple back and sides.
  • Hand-carved and arched, all solid spruce top.
  • Mahogany neck with bound rosewood fingerboard.
  • Neck is attached with a traditional dove-tail neck joint, unheard of in mandolins of this price range.
  • New and improved vintage-style adjustable, compensated rosewood bridge.
  • Traditional paddle head style peghead abalone Rover inlay.
  • Unique slimmer F-holes.

Product Specifications

Ship Dimension
12 x 35 x 8 inches
Ship Weight