• Tascam DR 22WL Portable Recorder with WIFI w/ Gear
  • Tascam DR 22WL Portable Recorder with WIFI w/ Gear
  • Tascam DR 22WL Portable Recorder with WIFI w/ Gear
Tascam DR 22WL Portable Recorder with WIFI w/ Gear

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    The DR-22WL is a streamlined model that has been designed to provide an easy-to-use interface so that anyone will be able to enjoy high-quality linear PCM recording without difficulty. For recording music played primarily on acoustic instruments, including acoustic guitars and wind and string instruments, this model is ideal. With its easy operation and high quality recording, this recorder can also be used for applications other than music, including for recording audio when capturing video with a digital SLR camera and for interviews.Not only does this handheld recorder meet the demand for recording high-quality audio with ease, it also has advanced Wi-Fi functions for full remote control, streaming playback and file transfer.TASCAM has once again revolutionized handheld recording! The DR-22WL creates its own Wi-Fi network, and a free dedicated app can be used for remote operation without touching the unit. Since the Wi-Fi transmission range is about 20m/65 feet, this feature can be used with the recorder in places that are normally out of reach. Not only does the app allow recording to be started and stopped, it can also be used to check and adjust input levels from an iOS or Android device. Everything related to recording can be done by Wi-Fi.In addition, audio can be checked by Wi-Fi after recording. The audio quality can be checked through headphones connected to a smartphone. With operation capabilities and flexibility that exceeds infrared remotes - and reliability that approaches that of wired remotes - this handheld recorder allows freedom of placement that far surpasses that of previous models.
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Product Information

With an awesome microphone design, WiFi control and file transfer, and the Scene Dial, the DR-22WL from TASCAM makes it easier than ever to capture great-sounding recordings and share them online.

The DR-22WL includes a set of stereo condenser microphones, arranged in true XY pattern for ideal stereo imaging. The eight-position Scene dial selects recording settings for typical situations, or can be set to full manual for greater control. It's all recorded through the latest ADDA converters at up to 96kHz/24-bit WAV resolution for great-sounding master recordings.

Included in the DR-22WL is a WiFi function for controlling its transport and transferring files to a smartphone or computer. A free app for iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows devices starts and stops recording from anywhere in the room. Audio streams live to your device, and files can be transferred over a wireless connection. Instantly share recordings online without moving the DR-22WL from the perfect microphone position.

Whether you're a recording beginner or simply looking for a great-sounding, portable recorder with WiFi, the DR-22WL is the ultimate choice.

Product Features

  • 128 x 128 pixel oversized graphic LCD with backlight
  • 4GB microSD card is included
  • A-B Loop playback function ideal for practicing music
  • Audio files created on computers can be played (Only in formats compatible with this product)
  • Auto recording function that can detect the sound input signal level and automatically start recording
  • Automatic division function that divides files at marks (manual division also possible)
  • Automatic level optimization functions (Peak Reduction & Limiter)
  • Automatic mark function that adds marks according to set conditions (peak detection or manual)
  • Automatic power saving function that prevents unnecessary waste of battery power
  • Automatic track increment function that can be set according to the application (level, elapsed time or manual)
  • Built-in monaural speaker with an output of 0.3W
  • Dual format recording function allows simultaneous recording of both WAV and MP3 files
  • Editing Function
  • File name format can be set to use a user-defined word or the date
  • Low-cut filter with four selectable frequencies (40/80/120/220Hz)
  • Powered by four AA batteries, USB bus power, or AC adapter
  • Pre-recording buffer records up to 2 seconds prior to starting recording
  • Recorded audio can be posted directly to SoundCloud using the TASCAM DR Control app.
  • Remote control, file transfer and streaming playback using 2.4GHz Wi-Fi
  • Resume function that retains the last stop position when power is turned back ON
  • Reverb effect for vocal and instrument resonance
  • Scene Dial Presets for instant setup of common recording applications
  • Speed change (VSA) function for adjusting the speed from 0.5 to 2.0 times (in 0.1 increments)
  • Stereo mini headphone line output / Headphone output connector
  • Strap-hole
  • Tripod attachment screw-hole
  • USB 2.0 High-speed file transfer to a computer
  • Wi-Fi connects directly to smartphone without a router

Product Specifications

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