• Perform-V Vocal Multi-Effects Unit
  • Perform-V Vocal Multi-Effects Unit
  • Perform-V Vocal Multi-Effects Unit
  • Perform-V Vocal Multi-Effects Unit
  • Perform-V Vocal Multi-Effects Unit
Perform-V Vocal Multi-Effects Unit

Product Information

If you're serious about singing, you'll find that sounding your best is about more than talent or vocal technique. It's about taking what is unique about your voice and using the right tools to make it stand out - whether you're live at a venue, a radio session, recording at home, or uploading to YouTube, SoundCloud, Facebook, Instagram, or any of your other favorite social channels.

This is where Perform-V shines. What formerly required a skilled producer or a dedicated sound engineer can now be set up in seconds and offer the professional vocal sound that is key to an unforgettable performance. The beauty of Perform-V is that it lets you focus entirely on your love of singing and creativity while it automatically handles the polish and production values.

Product Features

  • Aux input allows performance with music from your mobile device
  • Chromatic Pitch Correction can gently guide your vocals to the nearest semitone
  • Fast, easy-to-control sounds for all musical styles
  • Hands-off automatic harmony and HardTune key via RoomSense mic or Aux input
  • High-quality, low-noise mic preamp with 48V phantom power support for condenser mics
  • Loud headphone output with adjustable level
  • NEW: Dimmable buttons for a variety of lighting conditions (via firmware update)
  • Professional studio vocals for every performance
  • RoomSense mic. Built-in microphone allows practice without connecting a mic
  • Talk button mutes all effects but keeps Tone active, for when you want to talk to your audience
  • Tap tempo button helps you match echoes to song tempo
  • Unique design snaps directly onto your mic stand
  • Unique, one-click mic stand mounting system
  • USB connection to VoiceSupport, our free app for firmware updates and preset management
  • Visual Pitch meter. Improve your vocal technique and train your ear

Product Specifications

TC Electronic
All Ages
Multi Effects
Rack Spaces
Ship Dimension
7 x 10 x 6 inches
Ship Weight