• Bass Fly Rig SansAmp, Comp, Octa Effects Pedal
  • Bass Fly Rig SansAmp, Comp, Octa Effects Pedal
Bass Fly Rig SansAmp, Comp, Octa Effects Pedal

Product Information

SansAmp, of course, as its center point, with our unique Character control that sweeps through the most storied vintage and modern tones. Three-band active EQ provides professional grade tweakability for any situation. For dirt and grind, Drive adds gain and overdrive. You can also add distortion by engaging the Pre-Boost. And then theres Fuzz in the OCTAFILTER section. Each method achieves a different variety of tonal madness. You can even use all three at the same time, but be sure to hold onto your shorts.

OCTAFILTER brings an entire re-invented pallette of expression with a crazy amount of possibilities, from Minimoog-style synth to funky town. The controls interact so that you can get dynamically-filtered clean, fuzz, and octave, as well as octave and fuzz together. When Q is at minimum, Range becomes a high-cut tone filter for different versions of clean, fuzz, octave, and octave and fuzz together. You can then blend any of these combinations with your direct signal via the Mix control. But wait, theres more. By bringing in some COMP, you can get infinite sustain like a keyboard bass.

Product Features

  • 1/4-inch 4.7megOhm input to deliver the full sound of piezos
  • Headphone button switches 1/4" output to headphone mode
  • Input Pad for active basses
  • Rugged, all-metal housing
  • Silent-switching, custom footswitch actuators
  • XLR output with ground connect

Product Specifications

Tech 21
Ship Dimension
9 x 8 x 10 inches
Ship Weight