• GSP-500 Genesis Pedalboard with Case
  • GSP-500 Genesis Pedalboard with Case
GSP-500 Genesis Pedalboard with Case

Product Information

Genesis Series Pedalboard with Universal Power Supply Mounting System, Cable Management System, and Mic Stand Shaft Mounting Attachment. Black pedalboard with black sides. Includes GSP-USHB2-50 Hybrid Series Soft case (Black w/ Black Trim.)

The new GSP-500 Genesis Series Pedalboard was designed by guitarists who wanted a one stop solution for a number of common problems. Onstage has used a traditional slat oriented system for mounting the pedals, but the added features are where this pedalboard truly stands above the rest. They've designed a Universal Powersupply Mounting System that uses strong, dependable clamps to fit a wide variety of power supplies underneath the board. Never take a drill to your pedalboard again! Because all those jumper cables can become an unruly mess pretty quickly, they've gone a step further and integrated cable management clips in their specially angled design- preventing cord clutter and keeping your effects rig looking sharp. Finally, for those who sing lead and background vocals, they've incorporated a specially designed (removable) mount for their MC-05 shaft designs, allowing you to easily mount a microphone stand, and shrink the footprint of your on stage station for maximized efficiency. With all of these features, the slick design of the side panels is just icing on the cake. Finally, the included Hybrid Series 2.0 case, specially designed for the GS-500, gives you the best quality storage and transportation option you'll find included as part of a pedalboard purchase.

Once you've solved all the problems the GSP-500 Genesis Series Pedalboard solves, you can get back to obsessing over which distortion pedals you absolutely have to have for your next performance; and stop worrying about how many accessories you still need to get the pedalboard itself up and running!

Product Features

  • All aluminum frame construction
  • Integrated Cord Clips
  • Mic Mount
  • Power Supply Clamps
  • Rubber feet for grip

Technical Specifications

  • Measurements
  • Pedal Surface Width: 24"
  • Pedal Surface Depth: 14.375"
  • Front Height: .938"
  • Rear Height: 4.375"
  • Rail Width: 1.875"
  • Wire Routing Slot Width: 1.313"
  • Pwr Supply Clamp Range: .5" - 2.5"
  • Pedal Surface Area: 345"^2

Product Specifications

Ultimate Support
All Ages
12" to 18"
Soft Case
12" to 24"
Ship Dimension
18 x 10 x 27 inches
Ship Weight