• Yamaha FP 9500C Single Bass Drum Pedal Double Chai
  • Yamaha FP 9500C Single Bass Drum Pedal Double Chai
Yamaha FP 9500C Single Bass Drum Pedal Double Chai

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  • Yamaha FP 9500C Single Bass Drum Pedal Double Chai
    1x Yamaha FP 9500C Single Bass Drum Pedal Double Chai
    SKU: YAMAFP9500C
    Using input from artists, Yamaha's design team made this pedal even better. By tweaking a few features our pedals are smoother, stronger, and more versatile.The FP-9500C is a double drive single pedal, and includes a woven nylon strap that can be installed using a drum key. The double chain drive is Yamaha's most popular model, and is ideal for heavy-footed players. The nylon strap is growing in popularity, it is quiet, and has a light, quick feel to it. The FP-9500C has adjustments for beater angle, footboard angle, and spring tension. The pedal frame has a stabilizer bar cast into it below the rocker shaft to eliminate flex. This keeps the bearings in alignment and gives the pedal a smooth feel. The hole in the beater hub is tear drop shaped so it securely holds the beater shaft and keeps the new two-sided beater from spinning. The new beater is felt on one side, and hard plastic on the other. The side-adjustable hoop clamp holds firmly to different thickness hoops, and tightens with a wing bolt. The FP-9500C ships in a hard sided soft case for transport.
  • SC-3262 Wood Bass Drum Beater
    1x SC-3262 Wood Bass Drum Beater
    SKU: GIBRSC3262
    Gibraltar's SC-3262 solid wood beater provides you with a much louder sound than your average felt beater. Its sturdy steel shaft is designed to fit most pedals. Wood beaters provide extra attack and volume on acoustic bass drums.
  • Microfiber Instrument Polish Cloth
    1x Microfiber Instrument Polish Cloth
    Keep your instrument collection clean and free of dust, smudges and other day-to-day blems with this microfiber polishing cloth. For use on guitars, basses, drums and any other instruments that need upkeep.

Product Information

The Yamaha FP-9500C Double Chain Drive Kick Drum Pedal features a natural action and well suited for heavy-footed players. It includes a nylon strap that can be installed with a drum key. The foot board angle, spring tension and beater angle are all adjustable.

Product Features

  • Beater Angle Adjustment
  • Horizontal Frame Brace
  • Includes Woven Nylon Strap
  • Lightweight

Product Specifications

All Ages
Ship Dimension
18 x 12 x 18 inches
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