• GENOS 76-key Flagship Digital Workstation
  • GENOS 76-key Flagship Digital Workstation
  • GENOS 76-key Flagship Digital Workstation
  • GENOS 76-key Flagship Digital Workstation
GENOS 76-key Flagship Digital Workstation

Product Information

Welcome to the new world of Digital Workstations. Genos is the new benchmark in Digital Workstation sound, design and user experience. Whether you are in a recording studio or on stage, Genos will inspire your musical creation and performance. Genos, the latest flagship Digital Workstation from Yamaha, is an incredibly inspiring songwriting tool as well as a powerful performance and studio instrument.

Powered by specially developed Yamaha technology, the sonic quality of every Voice in Genos is beyond any other Digital Workstation you've ever played. Everything you hear, whether it be the beautiful CFX piano, the lush Kino Strings or the punchy Revo!Drums, will blow you away! AEM (Articulation Element Modeling) technology simulates the subtle nuances and performance characteristics of musical instruments. When you play, Genos automatically chooses appropriate samples in real time, according to what and how you play. Samples are smoothly joined and articulated, just as they would naturally occur on an acoustic instrument.

For the first time in any Yamaha product, the Genos features the newly sampled C7 Grand Piano Voice. It is great match with Pop/Rock/Jazz and other music, and is the piano of choice for many recording studios around the world.

Revo!Drum Voices recreate the authentic sound of drums. Even when playing the same key multiple times, the sound is always of a different nuance, making it incredibly natural and realistic.

You can also automatically apply various Vocal Harmony effects to your voice as you sing, or you can use the Synth Vocoder to craft the unique characteristics of your voice onto synthesizer and other sounds.

The onboard content of your Genos can be continually expanded by creating and installing your own custom or purchased Packs. The scope of possibilities for new sounds and styles is virtually unlimited. Genos includes 1.8GB of user flash memory with high speed reading/writing for your own Voices.

Product Features

  • 1,652 Voices + 58 Drum/SFX Kits
  • 256 polyphony (max.) (128 for Preset Voice + 128 for Expansion Voice)
  • 32bit Digital Audio Converter (DAC)
  • High quality keyboard action featuring enhanced touch response
  • Recording function (MIDI/Audio)
  • Style Engine
  • Vocal Harmony & Synth Vocoder

Product Specifications

All Ages
Number of Keys
Type of Keys
Pedal Inputs
Number of Pads
Ship Dimension
21 x 10 x 57 inches
Ship Weight