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  • A Custom Splash Cymbal
    1x A Custom Splash Cymbal
    SKU: ZILDA20542B10
    Flashy, quick decay. A custom splash is the perfect cymbal to fill out your drum set. Made with Zildjian's attention to detail and quality.A Custom Series - Fast, Modern + Shimmering - A refined classic sound. A sophisticated expression of the classic A Zildjian sound. Radical, innovative rotary hammering techniques, along with special thin weights, create an unusally fast, bright, pure sound. Fast on its way to becoming a modern classic. Selective Concentrates on an exlusive range of sounds drawn from the A Zildjian palette. Distinctive Radical new rotary hammering techniques, exclusive to Zildjian, and special thin weights create a sophisticated sound quality reminiscent of cymbals from the forties and fifties. Modern Enables contemporary drummers to add classic A sounds to today's music. Unique Every cymbal is individually cast and rolled from the secret Zildjian alloy, creating instruments that each have a distict voice and character.
  • GearTree Cloth
  • Vintage Sign T-Shirt
    1x Vintage Sign T-Shirt
    SKU: ZILDTT4674
    Featuring a recreation of the mid-20th century Quincy, Massachusetts Zildjian factory sign. Shirt made from high-quality ring-spun cotton.

Product Information

The choice of renowned rock, metal and fusion drummers, A Customs feature a brilliant finish and radical new hammering techniques that deliver a crisp, sweet, sophisticated A Zildjian sound, but with a contemporary feel. A Customs are not too dark and not too bright with a fast response and clean attack.

Product Features

  • Bright Sound
  • Brilliant Finish
  • Paper Thin Weight
  • Short Sustain
  • Skill Level(s): Advanced, Beginner, Intermediate, Professional

Product Specifications

All Ages
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10 x 13 x 3 inches
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