• A20579-11 A Custom Cymbal Set Bundle
  • A20579-11 A Custom Cymbal Set Bundle
  • A20579-11 A Custom Cymbal Set Bundle
A20579-11 A Custom Cymbal Set Bundle

Bundle Information
Products in this bundle:

  • A20579-11 A Custom Cymbal Pack with Bonus 18
    1x A20579-11 A Custom Cymbal Pack with Bonus 18"
    SKU: ZILDA2057911
    Sweeten your drum kit with this Zildjian A Custom Box Set. The A Custom Box Set includes a set of 14" A Custom Hi-hats, a 16" A Custom Crash, and a 20" A Custom Medium Ride cymbal standard. But that's not all, this A Custom Box Set includes a bonus 18" A Custom Crash, giving you an even wider range of expression for a great low price. Cast from Zildjian's world-famous secret alloy, these cymbals blossom with full-bodied warmth and deliver stunning projection.
  • HC13BW Drum Cymbal Boom Stand
    1x HC13BW Drum Cymbal Boom Stand
    If you need a high-quality, double-braced boom cymbal stand at a great price, look no further than the Tama HC13BW. This highly durable stand will provide reliable performance every time you sit down and play. Shipping Dimensions: 31 x 8 x 3 in. 22.2mm diameter base section tubing. Double braced legs. Boom/Straight convertible tilter. Boom arm length : 300mm (11 3/4). Fine gear tilter.

Product Information

The cymbals in this Promo Box were produced by the famous Zildjian secret process that has been handed down from generation to generation, and were hand picked from the Zildjian Vault. They are the same superior cast bronze cymbals played by the world's best drummers.

Product Features

  • Advanced, Intermediate, Professional Skill Level
  • Bright/Mid Sound
  • Mid to High Pitch
  • Bright Sound
  • Brilliant Finish
  • High Pitch
  • Medium Weight
  • Project Volume
  • Short Sustain

Technical Specifications

  • 14" A Custom HiHats
  • 16" A Custom Crash
  • 18" A Custom Crash FREE
  • 20" A Custom Ride

Product Specifications

Ship Dimension
24 x 5 x 24 inches
Ship Weight